Well, Veneto is one of the twenty regions in Italy which also is a bright spot on the culinary map of Italy. It is a cradle for large variety of wines, cheeses, vegetables and not to miss the prevalent coffee-flavoured Italian dessert Tiramisu. While Justifying its name, this restaurant offers authentic Italian treat.

Situated on the rooftop, is an expanse of open space, lined with shrubs and bushes, low and long wooden decor that offers a relaxed seating arrangement. When not summer, cloudy weather,cool breeze (and lots of selfies 😛 ) makes it more amusing.

For those like me who are not so acquainted with high end restos, menu card might sound Greek and Latin(Italian?). Don’t hesitate to get help of waiters and go for Zuppas (soups). Zuppa Funghi comes on the top, a lovely smooth soup full of cream, pieces of mushroom and herbs. Each sip of it is insanely creamy and satiating to taste buds.

Among starters, Mozzarella ricotta fingers are crumbed and deep fried sticks. Each bite of its crispy covering bursts into loads of melted mozze and ricotta. Cheese garlic bread again are baked goodies loaded with mozze. Sprinkle some oregano on the top of it, dip into the epic sauce accompanied  and period.


Chicken starter salsicce alla griglia tossed in tomato sauce melts in mouth so smoothly that one cannot identify the chicken in it.


Pizzas over here are the thin crust one,far from what we get in Dominoz and likes. Primavera al panna pasta featured on the header  is much on the similar lines of mushroom soup if ordered in white sauce.

So after pumping lots of cheese and awesomeness in belly desserts can mark it complete. But please be wary of mud pie (is name not enough?)…