While heading to Ooty from Mysore, before you get lost into the dense forests of sandalwood and teakwood, the famous Bandipur National Park , do stumble upon a small town named Nanjanagud. Situated on the banks of Kabini river this village hosts an extraordinary eatery right in front of Mysore-Ooty highway.

Early morning, lots of hustle bustle, piping hot idlis make for a typical Udupi ambience here.

When such is a place, better to give a try to everything on the menu. Idlis over here are extremely soft, served hot and melt in mouth along with the magnificent sambar. Medu wada, its much celebrated ally is crisp, light and best of its kind.

The famous Mysore Masala dosa loaded with lots of coconut, carrot and coriander leaves is reasonably thick that makes each bite felt in the mouth.

The Upma or Upit they serve is made of thick semolina(Rawa) cooked finely and is definitely delicious.

And last but not the least,Coconut Chutney perfectly complements this bunch of dishes making this eatery unavoidable if you are on Mysore Ooty highway and want to start your morning with something beautiful like this 😛