Maharashtra is blessed with a rich coastal line and  ample beaches. But Malvan out stands the rest in many ways. For its serene, countryside beaches like tarkarli and deobag, for its affordable water sports options and not to miss the wide range of meat preparations. You might have heard of malvani chicken ,mutton and fish recipes many a times. They are extremely popular and can be found across the state. But there is something which is probably available exclusively in Malvan and coastal region around called Ghavan.

Ghavan is a cousin of dosa and likes, made from rice soaked overnight, ground, then spread over a cast iron skillet and served hot. It is incredibly soft and delicious.

Break a piece of it and generously dip into the magnificent coconut chutney on the side and gulp it down your tummy. Repeat this ritual till you finish 5-6 of them. And trust me that’s very much doable. Settle it down with a cup of hot tea.

Since Malvan being a major tourist attraction, you will come across a plenty of guest houses, facing sea shore and its very easy to get this home made delicacy in most of them. Long strolls on the beach on a sunny morning, followed by loads of ghavan and a lazy lay back on the hammock hung between coconut trees make for a perfect holiday here..