Misal Pav in Pune is beyond staple food. It can be found everywhere. But few places in Pune just cannot be avoided if you are a fan of this lightening spicy mixture. 

Shri Kala is one such place. Like many other typical food joints to have Misal pav in Pune, space is compact and minimal. You will be facing a steadfast wall while you eat which indirectly says “eat and move”😆. But you can still find a loyal chunk of foodies visiting every morning. Because taste takes center stage here. 

Misal here is very different from the usual Misal Pav in Pune. Apart from the routine ingredients it has Poha, Chiwada and a ‘Cut’ (gravy) made of fiery hot Black Masala that essentially makes it stand out in the crowd. Stay out of it if you are not so inclined towards spicy food. A glimpse of ‘Cut’ can give you an idea of what I am talking all about. 

Coupled with a pair of ovenfresh Pav, blackish  mixture with freshly chopped onion, corriander and a slice lemon on the top of it indeed a mouthwatering sight. Every time you dip a slice of Pav into the holy grail of fiery hot concoction, you get closer to attaining a foodgasm. An experience worth taking…called Misal Pav in Pune especially at Shri Kala!