Every evening here is about mad rush to grab a share of yumm. Probably the most popular street food stall in Pune serving Pune’s darling dish, Vada Pav. But fortunately the service is quick and you would not have to frustratingly wait for hours to get one.

Vada is bigger in size, with a thin and crisp besan covering that encapsulates the finest of mashed potatoes sabji. Wrapped in a fresh and lucious Pav, Garden Vada Pav justifies its popularity. Crisp and crunchy besan balls, and freshly fried green chillies on the side make it difficult to settle for one Vada Pav.

And one should not indeed!

Garden Vada Pav never serves it cold. Never. So may be you can wash it down with a glass of Buttermilk.


The full name of this kart is J J Garden Vada Pav which comes from the original location where they started the business, Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy Garden in Camp, Pune.

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