Non veg food in Pune essentially means Gavran Chicken, Mutton and seafood. And Kaveri has been serving all of them to food enthusiasts for decades. Menu here is twofold but focus on first one as it has Kaveri’s famous Thali options. Be it chicken or mutton every typical Maharashtrian eatery will offer two varieties of it. The regular one with meat boiled in the Rassa (curry) and Fry which has separate meat pieces fried in tons of condiments. So go for Gavran Chicken Thali or Mutton Thali – the classic non veg food in Pune and around. 

Gavran Chicken Thali
Gavran Chicken Thali

Of course, best to be had with Bhakri which is one of the finest available in Pune I must say. A great Bhakri is perfectly thick (or may be thin😛) and should be roasted so nicely that it would soak the all the yumm Rassa and seamlessly roll down the mouth. Rassa here is full of desiccated coconut and bunch of spices. Squeeze a lemon on it and feel the heat.

Well, having called it one of the best Non veg food options in Pune doesn’t mean that a vegetarian should come and give a mere company while his non veg friend is having all the fun in Life. Definitely not.

Veg Thali with Pithla Besan Bhakri
Veg Thali

Even the Veg Thali is on point. Comes with Pithla  (aka Basen ) which is gram flour batter shallow fried in onions chilies and some regular spices and cooked to perfection. The vegetables like Baingan Masala  were too good. Eggplants cooked with love are no less than a chicken piece. Thumbs up!
So be it a veg or non veg affair, don’t forget to wash it down with the magnificent Sol Kadhi and put an end to this amazing treat with heavy heart and stomach of course.


They keep the Rassa in a Bucket, literally a huge bucket. Waiters carry the bucket and pour it generously in your plates. Kudos to their kindness. And not to miss the magnanimity and grandeur it showcases of Indian food, our eating habits and hospitality.

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