Pic Credits : Solealphawolf

Mysore has always been dearest of the places I have lived in. Hence Travelling to Mysore from Bangalore is even more delightful. Lush green paddy fields dotted with coconut trees and a round the year soothing weather is indeed a storybook landscape. The one like R.K. Narayanan’s Malgudi Days. The eponymous Malgudi Vattika, right on Bangalore Mysore highway has impeccably recreated it in a cozy setup. As you stop by the apparently wooden sign board named Malgudi Vattika, effervescent sprinklers on the sprawling lawn welcome you. So do the bullock cart, lanterns hung on wooden poles and a huge stone quoting R. K. Narayanan

A man who has no knowledge of his past history, origin and culture, is like a tree without roots.

This penchant towards history and culture (and rightly so) continues even inside as you stumble upon the vast spread of antique telephones, gramophones typewriters and what not! The portraits of R.K. Lakshman will indeed play the famous Malgudi Days tune in your heart. But a sudden aroma of hot and oven fresh Jolada rottis should immediately take over the foodie in you and remind you of the very purpose of living. Food.

Pic Credits : Sush

Today’s special menu is written on a black board which makes me conclude it should be getting updated on daily basis. However Jolada rotti oota is a show stealer. A complete meal in itself, with whitest and thinnest Jolada rotti along with ennegai badanekai – eggplants in thick gravy made of groundnuts, saru, pallya and different types of chutneys make for a complete North Karnataka eating experience. However the flavours are refined, more of a fine dine contrary to the very rustic nature of North Karnataka oota. They are also a lil low on spice meter. Nevertheless you can also munch on some Maharashtrian delicacies such as Sabudana (sago) Vadas, Misal Paav, Pithla Bhakri. Sabudana Vadas being the highlight.. crisp and crunchy.. nowhere less than what you get in Maharashtra. Guzzle it all down with a glass of buttermilk and there you are! Dizzy and sleepy. What else can you expect with a filling meal like this?

Pic Credits : Saurav

Take a stroll in backyards of the property, lay back on charpoys under the coconut trees or just relax on the benches in the garden.

Complementary : If you have a habit of looking at the world through electronic lenses, this is the place. Plenty of opportunities to capture great pictures.