Davangere Benne Dosa, as a breed has taken dosa to next level. Probably it is the most easily available and accessible dosa across the cities in India. Thanks to the loads of butter in it! (Really?) Places are many when it comes to best Davangere Benne Dosa in Bangalore, but if you talk of authentic way of making it, Jayanagar is the place. 

Traditional style involves slow cooking on woodfire till the dosa imbibes that crude flavour of smoke. The actual reason behind the popularity of Davangere benne dosa. And you thought it’s butter! That’s how exactly dosa is made at this place and encourages me call it the one of the best dosa in Bangalore. It’s a tiny corner in 4th block of Jayanagar. The menu is simple but ordering is not that simple, especially on a Sunday morning. A steady inflow of foodies is always there. Benne Dosa, Open dosa, Tatte Idli, and Paddu are highlights. Like many other Davangere benne dosa places in Bangalore the routine dosa comes with two chutneys. But the pallya- vegetable- is quite a different here. It’s just a boiled potato with shallow fired onions. Since it is no having anything more to it, is indeed close to bland. Yet goes well with dosa,especially Open one. The reason behind the name I guess is it’s served open, without folding it, like an Utthappam. But the owner is really kind and puts the Podi- a coarse powder of dried spices and lentils- quite a generously. Even the podi here tastes very homely and rustic which qualifies it for best Dosa in Bangalore. Paddu, a dish made of rice and black lentils in special moulds is just okayish though. But that should not discourage you at all from visiting the place to have the one of best dosas in Bangalore.

Open dosa at Jayanagar, Bangalore
Open Dosa

And on a lighter note, it’s not just the dosa that is open. Even the kitchen is open, you can take a look. Wish we take this openness with us along with our heavy parcels.