Dense forests, spectacular views and infinite cooffee plantations all around..Yes sounds like coorg indeed! What if this enchanting journey on the zigzag roads down the misty hills, is coupled with some finger licking good food? Icing on the cake it would be!

Madikeri, the administrative capital of coorg epitomises a great balance of natural beauty, history and Coorg culture. And when we talk about culture of any place we essentially slip into discussions of food. Rather I prefer to read culture as cuisine sometimes. Coorg, the land of brave hearts is no difference! 

And as they say to fight like a warrior you must first eat like a warrior 

Coorg Cuisine indeed justifies it. Being a cradle for spices and soldiers, it’s no brainer that Coorg Cuisine is fundamentally spicy and non vegetarian. But unlike other places Kodava people have gone beyond the routine Chicken and mutton. Pork curry or Pandi curry forms the heart and soul of Kodava eating preferences. If you are on a hunt for authentic Pandi curry, rush in Coorg cuisine, one of the most well known restaurants in Madikeri. 

Coorg Cuisine Menu Card
Menu Card

Located right in front of Madikeri fort, it’s quite an accessible place. As you enter the restaurant, large paintings of sons of soil welcome  you and give a sneak peak into history.  The wooden decor adds beauty to it. So does the epic Menu Card. Skimming through the menu and reciting is not that odd here but ultimately Pandi Curry is what your soul is craving for. This tender and fatty meat finely cooked in all the fresh spices around has a distinct aroma. The kachumpali vinegar made of black kokam takes Pandi curry to next level adding tinge of tangyness peculiar to Coorg Cuisine. Tastes best when eaten with Kadumbuttu ot the steamed rice dumplings. It’s equally great to have it with hot and oven fresh chapatis.
Pandi Curry at Coorg Cuisine
Pandi Curry
Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry

You can also give a try to Chicken curry. Cooked to perfection in a similar gravy, is a great alternative for people who would like to avoid pork but still want to give a shot at this one of the most epic restaurants in Madikeri. After a fulfilling meal like this get up and walk towards the balcony. The picturesque horizons of coorg look even more beautiful and soothing when the belly is filled and palate is satisfied…