Pune for most of us has always been an affable city. Soothing weather, young and dynamic people and  vibrant colours of this city make evryone fall for it. We all know Pune, as a mighty education centre, a prominent Auto hub and an evegrowing IT capital. But Pune has also been a political capital of Maharashtra for centuries and  so is a land of the mighty Peshwas. A place that has witnessed the epic saga of love between Bajirao and Mastani which in turn is a reason behind naming this magnificent drink after Mastani. Mastani – the drink is as beautiful and charming in taste as it was said about the Royal courtesan Mastani. And Punekars love it.. So do we!

If you are hunting for a great Mastani in Pune, don’t think much and head to Sujata Mastani. Sujata Mastani has been making this lovely drink for decades now and is  present in almost every nook and corner of Pune. I presume the taste would be the same everywhere but alongwith rejoicing in this dearly dessert, if you want to experience the love and enthusiasm of Pune towards Suajata Mastani do visit their   Sadashiv Peth branch. Evenings here especially in summer are full of hustle bustle with people standing in queues to snatch a glass of it. 

Mango Mastani
Mango Mastani
Dry Fruits Mastani at Sujata Mastani
Dry Fruits Mastani

The bright and well lit logo of Sujata Mastani in saffron colour indeed suggests their expertise in Mango Mastani. You can spice it up with some Dry Fruits or may take a chance and try other varieties as well. Mastani essentially is a chilled custard or condensed milk and a sinful ball of ice cream on it. Every time you dig a spoon into the scrumptious ice cream laden with creamy custard and some nuts in between, you realise the significance of the name. Or if not so history savvy, you can at least imagine and get an idea of what Mastani- the royal courtesan could have been! 
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