Hyderabad – the land of nawabs  also happens to be one of the largest technology hubs of India. And so has managed to achieve a unique balance between the age old legacy and contemporary living. It’s very well reflected even on the culinary horizon of Hyderabad. From glorious Biryani of ancient times to scrumptious pizzas arrived much later, from the legendary bakeries – like Subhan and Karachi to roadside kiosks like Kathmandu Momos, from early morning breakfasts at Pragati to late night dosas at Ram ki Bandi, everything appeals to the palate and to the heart! So let me walk you thorugh some of the best places/restaurants to eat at when in Hyderabad. 


Pic Credits : Zomato 

Places are many when it comes to the legendary Hyderabadi Biryani, but Shadab Hotel has proudly preserved the tradition of deliciousness for years now. May not be as famous as the others, but when it comes to the real flavours and Nizami  cooking , Shadab can be on of the best Biryanis in Hyderabad.


This place doesn’t need much introduction and is synonymous to best Biryani in Hyderabad. Going beyond the Biryani, it’s  also a best restaurant to eat kababs in Hyderabad. Proud to not having branches anywhere and diligent to maintain the same taste every time, Bawarchi offers a great chicken and mutton Biryani along with its signature Salan. Kababs especially the Reshmi kabab is a must have.

Karachi Bakery :

Pic Credits: Karachi Bakery

Probably the most famous bakery in India, a shining star in Baking industry offers  one of its kind fruit biscuits that you cannot miss on. Other varieties such as Osmania, pistachios, kesar and almond are good too. So whenever in Hyderbad, make sure you dig your teeth into the heavenly biscuits and pack few for your loved ones back home.

Hameedi Confections:

Pic Credits: Hameedi Confection 

Jaozi ka halwa at Hameedi confections has been the favourite of Nizams. The royal choice is definitely a must try. A strong flavour of nutmeg makes Jaozi ka Halwa unique and one of its kind.

Nimrah Cafe and Bakery:

Pic Credits: Sankeerth

Situated just beside the Charminar, this place offers a typical Hyderabdi Cafe experience as you relish in the quintessential Osmania biscuits, a cup of Irani Chai and a slice of history.

13 Dhaba:

Pic Credits : Akhil Sai

And of course Hyderabad is not just about traditional regional food. So options are plenty even when it comes to north Indian restaurants in Hyderabad. Indulge into the cutest and yummiest Chola Bhaturas, Parathas and beyond at 13 Dhaba. 

Subhan Bakery

If you are fortunate enough to be in Hyderabad during the month of muharram take some time out and visit this legendary place called Subhan bakery. The special cookies, dum ke roat exclusively served during month of muharram are to die for.

Pragati Tiffin Center:

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A morning breakfast in the heart of city- koti- at Pragati Tiffin centre is a ritual being followed by many for a long time now. So you do…to get a gist of local south Indian delicacies.

Punjabi Affair:

Pic Credits: Rajani 

One of best restaurant in Hyderabad for Punjabi food, this place is not just about great food. It goes far ahead with their warmth and hospitality as they generously pour in the creamy Lassi in your giant glasses. You will definitely come out satisfied everytime you visit.

Pizza Den:

Pic Credits:  Shashank

Pizza Den is quite a popular pizza joint among residents of Secunderbad and around. Indeed a den, situated in the ever buzzing area of Paradise Circle, just a few stairs walk leads you to the tiny gem. By this time you should have understood that this ain’t a place like of those International Pizza chains. Rather expect a tinge of Indian streetfood in evrything they serve. 

Kathmandu Momos

A miniature kiosk in Somajiguda serves these piping hot momos along with epic shezwan sauce just to make your evenings merrier than ever. 

Ram ki Bandi:

Pic Credits : Rahul Raju Dusa

This list would have been incomplete without mentioning Hyderabad’s first choice for late night eat outs. Ram has specifically modified the traditional recipes to satiate the modern taste buds. And it successfully makes wonders on the tongue in the late night, when it’s yet dark and deep, everyone around is struggling to wake up(or sleep) and moon is yet to settle down…

Santosh Dhaba:

Pic Credits: Akhil Valsaraj

A lot has been said and written about the great about Biryani, Haleem and other non vegetarian delicacies in Hyderabad. But just not to make vegetarians feel let down, Santosh Dhaba in Abids makes magic with Paneer, Potatoes and Mushrooms. Clearly among the best restaurants to eat in Hyderabad for the herbivore in you. Remarkable!

Famous Icecream :

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A city that is mostly dry and hot throughout the year Icecream must be an integral part of life. And so is the Famous Icecream Parlour. Putting a sweet end to fulfilling dinners 

Kim Fung:

If you want to get a feel n touch of Chinese cuisine without burning a hole into your pocket this is the place. Situated in tarnaka, opposite NIN Hyderabad, is a tiny place with just 4 tables to seat around.But unlike the place, menu is not so tiny and offers a wide range of dishes. Spicy veg bites, Chicken lollipop and seafood varieties are the most loved once. The Great taste makes it fit in best restaurants to eat in Hyderabad.

Kakatiya Deluxe Mess:

Pic Credits: Rama Krishna

The Andhra chicken and mutton fry and curries are droolworthy. Being in Hyderabad you cannot miss on Andhra meals and a great day !