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In the scanty lanes of Arundale Street of Mylapore sits a not so easy to find eatery which is spreading happiness every morning for the last 70  odd years. The popularity has never seen a decline, but a steady hike. It boasts of loyal customers visiting frequently for more than 30 years. Thanks to the personal touch and homely feel which has not changed in years.

Best Breakfast in Chennai Idli Vada Pongal
Vadai and Pongal
Idli Vadai at Rayar Mess Best breakfast in Pune
Idli Vadai
Filter Coffee at Rayar Mess
Filter Coffee

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Evening snack in Chennai, Adai

Food here is cooked with all the love and warmth by the owners themselves every morning. Both Idlis and Vadas are served piping hot and they are the fluffiest and crispiest one. But the Chutney steals the show. Full of coconut and baked chick peas, it is a reason for fidelity of many with this eatery. Evening menu is equally  simple yet delicious. Aloo Bonda is probably the best one you could get in Chennai, bit reddish in color with a divine potato stuffing inside. It is nowhere less than what you get in Maharashtra. Adai, a pancake made of rice and pulses is crisp and delightful. Rava Dosa is just okay…Well not everything is good😛.
But as we never mind, settle it all down with a filter coffee or two😛.

Complementary: Such is the transparency of this legendary eatery that they have an open kitchen and you can take a sneak peek of what’s really cooking inside. May you find the secret of longevity!

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